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Probability Day
(9 September 2011 )

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 Visitors and Participants



Friday, 9 Sep 2011

09:15am - 09:30am


09:30am - 10:20am

Contact processes on some random graphs

Qiang Yao, East China Normal University, China

10:20am - 10:40am

--- Coffee Break ---

10:40am - 11:30am

Degree asymptotics with rates for preferential attachment random graphs

Adrian Roellin, National University of Singapore

11:30am - 01:30pm

--- Lunch ---

01:30pm - 02:20pm

Polynomial ballisticity conditions for RWRE

Alexander Drewitz, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

02:20pm - 02:40pm

--- Coffee Break ---

02:40pm - 03:30pm

On the range, local times and periodicity of random walk on an interval

Siva R. Athreya, ISI, Bangalore and National University of Singapore

03:30pm - 03:50pm

--- Coffee Break ---

03:50pm - 04:40pm

Brownian web in the scaling limit of supercritical oriented percolation in dimension 1+1

Rongfeng Sun, National University of Singapore

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Organizing Committee · Visitors and Participants · Activities · Venue

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