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Modular Representation Theory of Finite and p-adic Groups
(1 - 26 April 2013)

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This month-long program is devoted to the representation theory over a field of nonzero characteristic of finite and p-adic groups, as well as related algebras, especially those arising naturally in Lie theory. The two main topics of the program are:


(i) Modular Representation Theory of Finite Groups and Related Algebras

(ii) Modular Representation Theory in the Langlands Programme


While the first topic above has been intensively investigated over the past half a century, following the pioneering work of Brauer and others, many fundamental problems are still open. There have been some important progresses (such as the proof of cases of the Broue's conjecture) and the introduction of new techniques (such as categorification) in the last few years. The second topic, on the other hand, is a relatively new and rapidly developing area which has sprung from the classical Langlands programme and which has applications to number theory and arithmetic geometry. In particular, it hopes to connect modular representation theory of p-adic groups with Galois representations and p-adic Hodge theory.


The goal of the programme is to survey these recent developments and to provide impetus for further insights and progress. In addition, it aims to bring together researchers in these two areas to foster interaction, collaboration and the exchange of ideas.


We will have 6 tutorials (instructional lecture series of 3 or 4 talks) during the programme on the following topics:

Week 1: 2 - 5 Apr 2013

  • Modular representations of finite reductive groups by Marc Cabanes, Université Denis Diderot - Paris 7
  • The graded representation theory of the cyclotomic Hecke algebras of type A by Andrew Mathas, University of Sydney
  • Categorification in representation theory by Raphaël Rouquier, University of Oxford and UCLA


Week 2: 8 - 12 Apr 2013

  • l-Modular representations of p-adic groups (l not equal to p) by Vincent Secherre, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin
  • p-Modular representations of p-adic group by Florian Herzig, University of Toronto
  • Representation theory of Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier algebras by Alexander Kleshchev, University of Oregon


Week 3: 15 - 19 Apr 2013


Week 4: 22 - 26 Apr 2013

In the last two weeks of the programme, there will be a research conference with about 2 or 3 talks a day.


Students and researchers who are interested in attending these activities are requested to complete the online registration form.

The following do not need to register:

  • Those invited to participate.





Organizing Committee · Visitors and Participants · Overview · Activities · Venue

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