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Algorithmic Randomness
(2 - 30 June 2014)
Conference on Computability, Complexity
and Randomness CCR 2014 (9 - 13 June 2014)

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Randomness is a mathematical concept that spans over a broad class of mathematical objects from finite words to transfinite cardinals. While classical probability theory does not formulate or even allow for a definition of an individual random object, there is an enduring appeal to the intuitive notion of a real number or of an infinite binary sequence chosen at random. This intuitive notion can be made precise when it is interpreted within an effective framework. There, an object is random if it passes all effective tests for randomness. This means that no algorithmically devisable test could detect features of an object that would contradict its randomness. For example, an elegant and useful characterization of the (uniform) randomness of an infinite binary sequence R is given by the algorithmic incompressibility of its finite initial segments: A infinite binary sequence is random if for all its finite initial segment no description of the segment (for example, by means of a computer program) exists which is essentially shorter than the initial segment itself. This descriptive, or algorithmic, perspective is both generally applicable and conceptually useful. With it, one can calibrate degrees of randomness, characterize applications of randomness, and prove preservation of randomness across type, such as between real numbers on the line and sample paths in Brownian motion. These are among the topics that will be studied during the 2014 IMS Programme on Algorithmic Randomness.

The conference series "Computability, Complexity and Randomness" is centered on developments in Algorithmic Randomness, and the conference CCR 2014 will be part of the IMS programme. The CCR has previously been held in Córdoba 2004, in Buenos Aires 2007, in Nanjing 2008, in Luminy 2009, in Notre Dame 2010, in Cape Town 2011, in Cambridge 2012 and in Moscow 2013; it will be held in Heidelberg 2015.



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Organizing Committee · Visitors and Participants · Overview · Activities · Venue

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