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Workshop on Computational Methods in Bio-imaging Sciences

(4 - 8 December 2017)

Venue: IMS Auditorium

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Organizing Committee:

  • George Barbastathis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Ne-Te Duane Loh (National University of Singapore)
  • Paul Thomas Matsudaira (National University of Singapore)

Computation has an indispensable role in high resolution, dynamic imaging in biology. Superficially, this role includes raw data collection, pre-processing, reduction, selection, synthesis, model fitting, and interpretation. Yet on a deeper level, computational algorithms have started replacing and even extending the capabilities of physical lenses that are conventionally used for image formation. Some examples of this include super-resolution microscopy, three-dimensional single-particle imaging, and phase retrieval imaging schemes. This workshop aims to expose the mathematical and statistical concepts underpinning key applications of computational bio-imaging. By properly abstracting these concepts, we hope to engage productive exchange of ideas among mathematicians, physicists, data scientists and biologists. This workshop spans the following three topics:

  • Quantitative phase imaging
  • Applications in electron microscopy
  • Applications in X-ray imaging


Schedule to be announced nearer to date.

Organizing Committee · Visitors and Participants · Overview · Activities · Venue

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