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Workshop on Modeling in Molecular Biology


Jointly organized by Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS)

and Laboratories for Information Technology (LIT)

Program Information · Workshop Schedule · Speakers and Abstracts

Date: 24 - 26 June, 2002
Venue:  Seminar Room
Institute for Mathematical Sciences
3 Prince George's Park
Singapore 118402


The Bioinformatics and Genomics: Methods, Data and Predictions Workshop, Jointly organized by Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS) and| Laboratories for Information Technology (LIT), will be held on June 24-26, 2002, Seminar Room, Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 3 Prince George's Park, Singapore 118402, It is a part of the IMS series of meetings on POST-GENOME KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY.

The workshop will feature plenary/keynote talks by Alexander Kel and Artemis G. Hatzigeorgiou, as well as those from a number of invited speakers. Admission is free.


  • Vladimir Bajic, LIT, Singapore
  • Alexander Kel, Biobase, Germany
  • Artemis G. Hatzigeorgiou, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Alan Christoffels, IMCB, Singapore>
  • Lin Chin-Yo, GIS, Singapore



  • Suisheng Tang, LIT Singapore



  • A. Kel, Biobase, Germany
  • A. G. Hatzigeorgiou, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • O. Kel-Margoulis, Biobase, Germany
  • A. Christoffels, IMCB, Singapore
  • C-Y. Lin, GIS, Singapore
  • A. Chong, LIT, Singapore
  • T. K. B. Lee, NUS, Singapore
  • T. W. Tan, NUS, Singapore
  • H. P. Too, NUS, Singapore
  • S. Ranganathan, NUS, Singapore
  • A. Vyrkar, NUS/LIT, Singapore
  • K. Agrawal, NUS/LIT, Singapore
  • H. Ting, NUS/LIT, Singapore
  • G. Li, NUS/LIT, Singapore
  • H. Hao, LIT, Singapore
  • G. Zhang, LIT, Singapore
  • S. Tang, LIT, Singapore
  • J. Koh, LIT, Singapore
  • V. Brusic, LIT, Singapore
  • V. B. Bajic, LIT, Singapore



The complexity, quantity and disparity of genomic data formats produce both challenges and difficulties in genomic analysis. Current hot bioinformatics issues span a broad scope of problems. This workshop is specifically focused on general methods that can help in more efficient and accurate biological data mining, analysis and prediction of genomic data, and approaches to enhance accuracy and precision of predictive models. The problems presented may touch on issues related to transcription, translation, regulation of DNA and RNA processing, splicing mechanisms, etc. Of particular interest are those mechanisms that elucidate synergetic or antagonistic effects of different regulatory elements or regions, which can help us infer the hierarchy and structure of complex cell regulatory networks, improve prediction models, and thus facilitate biological research and discovery.


The Workshop will bring together biomedical specialists and bioinformaticians to discuss the issues of computational discoveries of important biological information form genome-wide analyses, and the capability of bioinformatics methods in advancing the study of genes, genomes and cell regulatory networks. The workshop will focus on the methodological issues and the necessary experimental evidence of predictions and data mining.


The objectives of this workshop are to provide advanced training in the field of genomic applications of bioinformatics and to communicate some of the latest developments in genomic analyses and genomic data mining to the audience. The target audience is professionals and students working in life sciences and bioinformatics, either as researchers, developers, or service providers. The workshop is open to participants from both academia and industry.




Bioinformatics, biological databases, computational biology, data mining, data warehousing, modeling atomic sites, genetic regions modeling, data extraction, data cleaning, prediction accuracy.


Program Information · Workshop Schedule · Speakers and Abstracts

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