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Workshop on Modeling in Molecular Biology


Jointly organized by Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS)

and Laboratories for Information Technology (LIT)

Program Information · Workshop Schedule · Speakers and Abstracts


Monday: June 24, 2002
13:30-13:35 Limsoon Wong Welcome Address
13:35-15:35 Alexander Kel In silico prediction of gene regulation. Composite clusters of TF binding sites
Alexander Kel, Olga Kel-Margoulis, Edgar Wingender
15:35-15:50   Tea break
15:50-17:00 Olga Kel-Margoulis Databases on eukaryotic gene expression: data collection, processing, and application for analysis
O. Kel-Margoulis*, V. Matys, C. Choi, E. Goessling, N. Voss, I. Reuter, A. Kel, and E. Wingender

Tuesday: June 25, 2002
13:00-14:30 Artemis Hatzigeorgiou Analysis of EST's: The state of the art
Artemis G. Hatzigeorgiou
14:30-15:00 Chin-Yo Lin Dissecting the Estrogen Response of Breast Cancer Cells by Microarray Analysis and Promoter Mining
Chin-Yo Lin
15:00-15:15   Tea break
15:15-15:45 Alan Christofells Evolutionary rearrangements between the Fugu and Human genomes
Alan Christoffels
15:45-16:15 Suisheng Tang Dystrophin gene structure and sequence comparison between human and fugu fish
Suisheng Tang and Han Hao
16:15-16:45 Judice Koh BioWare as a tool for constructing and managing annotated collections of DNA sequences.
Judice Koh, Vladimir Brusic

Wednesday: June 26, 2002
09:00-09:30 Ameya Virkar Self-organizing neural networks as filters of clean start codons
Ameya Virkar, Guolinag Li, Kunal Agrawal, Hwey Ting, Han Hao, Suisheng Tang, Vladimir B Bajic
09:30-10:00 Alen Chong Extraction of large quantity of gene start regions and start codon regions from human genome - fie tool
Alen Chong and Guanglan Zhang
10:30-11:00 Kunal Agrawal Splice site recognition by support vector machines
Kunal Agrawal, Ameya Virkar, Guolinag Li, Hwey Ting, Han Hao, Suisheng Tang, Vladimir B Bajic
11:00-11:15   Tea break
11:15:11:45 T. K. B. Lee MGAlign, a tool for aligning mRNA Sequences to Genomic Sequences
T. K. B. Lee, T. W. Tan, H. P. Too, S. Ranganathan
11:45-12:15 Vladimir Bajic Which transcription regulatory patterns are most represented in human promoters
Vladimir B Bajic

Program Information · Workshop Schedule · Speakers and Abstracts

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