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Workshop on Modeling in Molecular Biology


Jointly organized by Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS) and Laboratories for Information Technology (LIT)



19 - 21 June, 2002




Seminar Room
Institute for Mathematical Sciences
3 Prince George's Park
Singapore 118402




The workshop on Modeling in Molecular Biology is part of the Post-Genome Knowledge Discovery Program at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences.
Please visit Post-Genome Knowledge Discovery program website for info on the main activities of this program.


General aim of the program on Post-Genome Knowledge Discovery


The interplay between DNA and proteins is the most fundamental of biological interactions and has pervasive implications in biology, medicine, and pharmacology. Genetic variability is the source of phenotypic variation, pathogen susceptibility, environmental factor susceptibility, and individual differences in drug response. The program on Post-Genome Knowledge Discovery will focus on the computational and statistical analysis of sequence and genetic data and the mathematical modeling of complex biological interactions, which are critical to the accurate annotation of genomic sequences, the study of the interplay between genes and proteins, and the study of the genetic variability of species. It is intended to bring together biologists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, mathematicians and statisticians for interaction and exchange of knowledge and ideas.


Specific aims of the workshop on Modeling in Molecular Biology


This is a workshop on mathematical biosciences. Its specific goal is to provide new mathematical models that improve biological understanding of molecular interactions, particularly protein-protein interactions and pathways. The talks will present mathematical and computational models, probabilistic and computational methods for the solution of fundamental problems in the biosciences. Our intention is to involve mathematical scientists and bioscientists in the solutions of these problems. It is planned as a friendly workshop with a good balance of presentations and discussions.


Invited speakers and title of talks


Thomas B. Kepler
(The Santa Fe Institute)

  • Modeling and inference with random processes and the minimum description length criterion.
  • Endogenous fluctuations in gene regulation. Abstract...

Steen Rasmussen
(Los Alamos National Lab)

  • Bridging nonliving and living matter: step by step assembly of a proto-organism. Abstract...

Masami Hagiya
(University of Tokyo)

  • Modeling, analysis and simulation of molecular computation. Abstract...
  • Molecular Computer Projects in Japan

Sungchul Ji
(Rutgers University)

Phil Long
(Genome Institute of Singapore)

  • Exploiting conserved synteny in genome-by -genome ortholog mapping. Abstract...
Santo Motta
(University of Catania)
Gabriel Ciobanu
(National University of Singapore)
  • Process algebra and model checking in molecular biology. Abstract...


Special talk via live video link (CONFIRMED)
(Jointly organized by IMS, LIT and School of Computing)



A New Kind of Science (Abstract)


Stephen Wolfram (Wolfram Research, Inc., USA)

Tentative time: 

9.30 - 10.45 am, Wednesday, 19 June 2002


Video Conference room
Blk S15, 3 Science Drive 2
School of Computing, National University of Singapore


Call for participation


If you want to present your work, please submit a title and an abstract of your paper related to the topic of this workshop (i.e. formal modeling in molecular biology). The work should be new and of high-quality, mainly if you want to be published in the volume of the meeting.


Submit electronically to: 


Submission deadline:

15 May 2002


22 May 2002

Program Committee:

Gabriel Ciobanu (School of Computing, NUS)
Limsoon Wong (LIT, NUS)




We are considering to publish selected papers presented at this workshop. If you would like to submit your paper for publication by us, please send your contribution as a LaTex and/or Postscript file to gabriel(AT) No restriction on the number of pages; however we expect contributions of reasonable length. Deadline is 15 June 2002.




Attendance is free. Participants should take care of their travel and living expenses.




Please register online or complete the registration form ( MSWord | PDF | PS ) and returned to: Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 3 Prince George's Park, Singapore 118402 or fax to: (65) 6873 8292 or email to: ims(AT), at least 2 weeks before commencement of the workshop.




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