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Tenth Anniversary: Interview Volume

A highlight of the celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of IMS is an interview volume which features interviews of 38 prominent visitors to IMS. The interviews were all conducted by Yu Kiang Leong, National University of Singapore, and originally published in the Institute’s newsletter Imprints from 2003 to 2009. The book gives a fascinating and insightful glimpse into the passion driving some of the most creative minds in modern mathematical sciences, and draws the reader into a panorama of the past and present developments of some of the ideas that have revolutionized science and mathematics.


Creative Minds, Charmed Lives

Interviews at Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore

by Yu Kiang Leong, National University of Singapore


Creative Minds, Charmed Lives 




List of Interviews

  • Béla Bollobás: Graphs Extremal and Random
  • Leonid Bunimovich: Stable Islands, Chaotic Seas
  • Tony Fan-Cheong Chan: On Her Majesty’s (the Queen of Science’s) Service
  • Sun-Yung Alice Chang: Analyst in Conformal Land
  • Jennifer Tour Chayes: Basic Research, Hidden Returns
  • Carl de Boor: On Wings of Splines
  • Persi Diaconis: The Lure of Magic and Mathematics
  • David Donoho: Sparse Data, Beautiful Mine
  • Robert F. Engle: Archway to Nobel
  • Hans Föllmer: Efficient Markets, Random Paths
  • Avner Friedman: Mathematician in Control
  • Roe Goodman: Mathematics, Music, Masters
  • Bryan T. Grenfell: Viral Visitations, Epidemic Models
  • Takeyuki Hida: Brownian Motion, White Noise
  • Roger Howe: 123 Exceptional Lie Group Theorist
  • Wilfrid Kendall: Dancing with Randomness
  • Lawrence Klein: Economist for All Seasons
  • Brian E. Launder: Modeling and Harnessing Turbulence
  • Fanghua Lin: Revolution, Transitions, Partial Differential Equations
  • Pao Chuen Lui: Of Science in Defense
  • Eric Maskin: Game Theory Master
  • Eduardo Massad: Infectious Diseases, Vaccines, Models
  • Daniel McFadden: Choice Models, Maximal Preferences
  • Keith Moffatt: Magnetohydrodynamic Attraction
  • Stanley Osher: Mathematician with an Edge
  • Doug Roble: Computer Vision, Digital Magic
  • Ron Shamir: Unraveling Genes, Understanding Diseases
  • Albert Nikolaevich Shiryaev: On the Shoulder of a Giant
  • David O. Siegmund: Change-Point, a Consequential Analysis
  • Theodore Slaman and W. Hugh Woodin: Logic and Mathematics
  • Terry Speed: Good Gene Hunting
  • Charles Stein: The Invariant, the Direct and the “Pretentious”
  • Gilbert Strang: The Changing Face of Applied Mathematics
  • Eitan Tadmor: Zen of Computational Attraction
  • Michael Todd: Optimization, an Interior Point of View
  • Sergio Verdú: Wireless Communications, at the Shannon Limit
  • Michael S. Waterman: Breathing Mathematics into Genes

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