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Tenth Anniversary: Photos

Guests signing in: (From left) Larry GOLDSTEIN, Michael WATERMAN, LOH Wei Yin , Tony CHAN, Mia PANG RAY, Ivy SUAN

Sharing a warm moment: (From left) Former Scientific Advisory Board member LUI Pao Chuen, Bernard TAN, Louis CHEN (back facing camera) and Deputy Director TAN Ser Peow

IMS Director Louis CHEN greets NUS President TAN Chorh Chuan

Striding towards the future: President TAN Chorh Chuan flanked by Director and Deputy Director

CHONG Chi Tat, Chair of the Management Board, on the pre-history and history of IMS

The theory of types of mathematical events: Roger HOWE

President TAN embracing the idea of the mathematical institute

A charmed memento for the Guest of Honor

Musical interlude: (From left) Kelly LOH (flute), Mifiona QUAH (harp)

Smiling guests on a happy occasion: (From left) Roger HOWE, Barry HALLIWELL, Louis CHEN, TAN Chorh Chuan, Tony CHAN, TAN Eng Chye, CHAM Tao Soon

More enlightening conversations at IMS: (From left) BAO Weizhu, Yum-Tong SIU, TAN Ser Peow

CHONG Chi Tat, TAN Ser Peow and LUI Pao Chuen sharing a light moment

An impromptu summit meeting: (From left) Tim BROWN (back facing camera), Louis CHEN, President TAN Chorn Chuan, CHONG Chi Tat

Bouncing ideas for IMS’ future?
(From left) Olivier PIRONNEAU, CHONG Chi Tat and Hugh WOODIN

Insider insights on NSF: Tony CHAN

The universe of sets: Hugh WOODIN

Is economics a mathematical science? Former Deputy Director SUN Yeneng

A joyful chat: (From left) NG Kok Lip, SUN Yeneng and Louis CHEN

At the reception: (From left) ZHANG Louxin,  David SROLOVITZ

Another memorable snapshot: (From left) Hugh WOODIN, CHONG Chi Tat and Louis CHEN

The IMS brain trust, members of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB): (From left) Roger HOWE (SAB Chair), TAN Ser Peow (IMS Deputy Director), CHONG Chi tat (Management Board Chair), Louis CHEN (IMS Director), LUI Pao Chuen, Olivier PIRONNEAU, Yum-Tong SIU and David SIEGMUND
Not in photograph: David MUMFORD

The celebratory gathering

The ever-smiling faces of IMS: (From left) Louis CHEN,Rajeswary SIVARAJ, Nurleen Binte MOHAMED, Claire TAN, Emily CHAN, Agnes WU, Jolyn WONG, Stephen AUYONG, TAN Ser Peow

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